Community Driven Work

Our nonprofit community services include providing a helping hand to others in the community through volunteering. Interested individuals and groups are matched to organizations in the community seeking volunteers. Opportunities are available in different areas including food banks, churches, homeless shelters, schools, and local businesses. Our services help create and establish ongoing relationships with community members through activism and servicing those in need. You can learn about volunteer opportunities available or provide information for an opportunity you are seeking volunteer participants.

Fundraising Activities

Our fundraising activities include a variety of actions from sponsored events locally to online fundraising through social media and email. We provide services that include traditional fundraising activities such as direct mail campaigns, television and radio campaigns, and telephone fundraising. We can assist with crowdfunding campaigns featuring digital tools such as smartphones. Other fundraising through meeting specific qualifications include seeking grants, endowments, donor matching and planned giving programs that let donors contribute to a cause through their personal estate planning preparations. There are many ways nonprofits raise funds for their causes, and we explore quite a few depending on the cause and monetary goals.

Community Social Events

Community social events services include planning and organizing events to encourage community involvement. The purpose of the event may vary from fundraising to raising awareness. Services include preparing for press conferences, volunteer opportunities, meet & greets, and business partnership opportunities. We can assist with providing information such as brochures, pens, stickers, etc. about a cause through other events scheduled in the community such as block parties, street fairs, conferences, and farmers markets. We can assist with making community engagement a positive experience for all involved.

Tutoring & Mentoring

Is your child or ward having trouble with one or more school subjects, in danger of falling behind in his grades, or simply needs a giant boost in confidence? Our tutoring and mentoring programs are available to all students from the primary through high school levels. We focus on subject mastery, comprehension, career counseling, personal growth and confidence building. Our tutors and mentors are experts in their field and eager to help. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Feeding the Hungry

Hundreds of children and families go hungry every day and many people find themselves faced with the question of where and when their next meal will come. That’s why our organization is dedicated to doing its part to feed the hungry and help make sure that no one has to starve. But we can’t do this alone. With your help and donations, our team can increase its operations and make sure that more people can go to sleep tonight with their hunger cared for with nutritious and warm food. Please call our team today and ask us about how you can help this important cause.

Environmental Work

We only have one planet to live on, yet many companies do a poor job of taking care of it. With industrial waste causing untold environmental damage. However, we can do something about this. Our organization works with policymakers to keep governments and industries accountable for what they do to the environment and push for the introduction of laws and standards that will help offset the harm done by progress so that our children can enjoy the wonders of the environment. Best of all is that we even have feet on the ground who handle large-scale clean-up operations as well as environmental awareness campaigns because we believe that everyone to take part in saving the environment. Give us a call to ask us how you can help.

Community Service Projects

There’s a lot that can be done to make your community thrive, but many people don’t know how to get started. That’s why our organization has worked with city initiative planners to create community service projects that you can get involved in. These projects range from public cleaning to assistance at various welfare centers, to tree planting. Whatever you get involved in, you’ll know that by helping us you are also helping make your community a better place to live for all. Call today to learn how you can help.

Health Education Classes

Every year, thousands of children grow up without understanding how their body works and how to take better care of themselves. These children develop bad habits that limit their ability to enjoy a full happy lifestyle, which can affect their ability to learn, work, or engage in the everyday activity. That’s why our organization strives to provide quality health education for children like yours. We’ll teach them valuable life skills such as nutrition, hygiene, and the importance of mental and emotional health and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Water Well Digging

For many families, water wells are the answer to massive water bills or contaminated water supplies. Our team of contractors works within the ordinances of local governments to install reliable water wells. Our team conducts a topographical analysis of the area, meets with clients to notify them of their options, and then works to affordably and safely install the water well. We provide a quote before the project, arrive with state-of-the-art equipment, check soil samples, install screens and conduct the drilling to complete the job. So, if you are looking for a team that works with you every step of the way, is Eco-friendly and will always quote an affordable price, then we are your people.